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Bayesian Statistics

1. Difficulties in fitting mixture models to survival data

2. Excellent fits of Bayesian Piecewise Exponential models

Clinical Trials and Biostatistics

  1. Fully adaptive two stage clinical trials, my perspective
  2. The strengths and failures of outcome adaptive randomization

Interesting Statistics Papers:

  1. A Hidden Markov Model for Tennis matches


  1. Statistical Perspectives in Criminal Trials
  2. Can’t we all use the same parameterizations?


R Studio

  1. Using multiple cores for MCMC. Using Parallel processing in R
  2. Adding a common legend to multiple plots


1. Beginning in C++ 

2. Using C++ in Rstudio with Rcpp

3. MCMC++ part 1

4. MCMC++ part 2

5. RcppArmadillo basics: Matrix math in c++

6. Tips for Debugging in Rcpp

7. Dimension changing issues in RcppArmadillo

Package Tutorials

1. BayesPiecewiseICAR: used for change-point analysis 

2. SCRSELECT: ReturnModel() function details, used in Semi-Competing Risks variable selection.


1. How have Mass Shooting incidences changed over time?

2. Risk Factors in Police Brutality: Regional differences are apparent

3. A look at City Budgets: Do Democratic cities spend more?

4. Modeling ISIL terror attacks and their intensities via marked point process Bayesian models


1. Party Majority after election in the House/Senate since 1931 and a congressional majority’s connection to changes in Real/Nominal GDP.

2.  Occupation status of congress since 1953.

3. Percentages of Congress and House/Senate of Democrats and Republicans since 1857.

4. The myth of independent representation and choices in 2016.

5. Amount of $$ spent on elections by Incumbents vs. Challengers and it’s effect on re-election since 1974.

6. A Monte Carlo Simulation of the 2016 Presidential Election


1.The 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off the biggest upset in NBA history.

2. Kobe vs. Duncan: The advanced stats

3. Can Humans run any faster?

4. A look at LSU Football History

5. Did Brock Osweiler deserve to be benched in 2016?

6. Using Bradley-Terry models and Monte Carlo methods to predict the 2016 NFL Playoffs

7. Who should win the 2017 NBA MVP?

8. Buck Fama: A look at rank and point differentials between LSU and Alabama in the Saban era.

9. Fun with Data: Is Blake Bortles contract that bad? A look at 2018 cap hits and QBR

10. SLAM NBA Top 100 All-Time Players: How many played each year?


  1. Tutorial: Contributing to Wikipedia
  2. Tutorial: Reversible Jump MCMC coding