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Chapple A. (2016) A Bayesian Reversible Jump Piecewise Hazard approach for modeling rate changes in mass shootings. Journal of Economics and Econometrics. 59 (3). 19-31

Liru H, Chapple A, Liao Z, Komaki R, Thall PF, Lin SH. (2016) Bayesian regression analyses of radiation modality effects on pericardial and pleural effusion and survival in esophageal cancer. Journal of Radiation Oncology IN PRESS

Chapple AG, Vannucci M, Thall PF, Lin SH. Bayesian variable selection for a semi-competing risks model with multiple components. Journal of Computational Statistics and Data Analysis INVITED REVISION

Han KJ, Pitman WD, Chapple A. Moisture Concentration Variation of Silages Produced on Commercial Farms in the South-Central USA. Asian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences. 2014;27(10):1436-1442. doi:10.5713/ajas.2014.14095.

Received Acknowledgement

Smolinsky, L., Lercher, A., & McDaniel, A. (2015). Testing theories of preferential attachment in random networks of citations. Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology. doi:10.1002/asi.23312.

Computer Programs:

BayesPieceHazSelect- R program for Bayesian variable selection on covariates in a cox-like hazard with a piecewise exponential baseline hazard.

BayesPiecewiseICAR – R program for fitting a piecewise exponential model to survival data.

SimSCRPiecewise – R program with two simulation functions, both with piecewise hazards.

  1. SimSCRPiecewise: Simulates data from a semi-competing risks model.
  2. SimUnivPiecewise: Simulates data from a piecewise constant hazard.

SCRSELECT – R programs for implementing the SVSS and DIC-Tau_g procedures from the paper:



I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in Biostatistics at Rice University, working with faculty at M.D.Anderson Cancer Center. My particular interests include: Clinical Trials, Bayesian Methods, Survival Analysis, Variable Selection, Categorical Data, Econometrics, and Teaching. I hope to improve on existing clinical trial methodology and use Bayesian methods for economic data to improve policy decisions.