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  • Peak, T., Su, Y., Chapple, A.G., Chryr, J., Pollack, J., Deep, G. (2018) Syntaxin 6: A novel predictive and prognostic biomarker in papillary renal cell carcinoma. PLOS ONE Journal. Submitted.
  • Peak, T., Chapple, A.G., Coon, G., Deep, G. (2018). Semi-Competing Risk Model to Predict Perioperative and Oncologic Outcomes after Radical Cystectomy, Therapeutic Advances in Urology. Submitted.
  • Chapple, A.G. (2018). Modeling ISIL terror attacks and their fatality rates with a Bayesian reversible jump marked point process. Journal of Economics and Econometrics. Submitted.
  • Chapple, A.G. (2018). Subgroup-specific dose finding in phase I clinical trials based on time to toxicity allowing adaptive subgroup combination. Journal of Pharmaceutical Statistics. Submitted.
    Chapple, A.G., Thall, P. (2018). A Hybrid Phase I-II/III Clinical Trial Design Allowing Dose Re-Optimization in Phase III. Biometrics. Accepted.
  • Chapple, A.G., Vannucci, M., Thall, P. and Lim, S.H. (2017). Bayesian variable selection for a semi-competing risks model with multiple components. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, 112, 170-185. AudioSlides.
  • Chapple A. (2016) A Bayesian Reversible Jump Piecewise Hazard approach for modeling rate changes in mass shootings. Journal of Economics and Econometrics. 59 (3). 19-31

Received Acknowledgement


Computer Programs:

  • Phase123 – R programs for simulating and implementing phase I-II/III clinical trials.
  • SubTite – R program for subgroup specific dose selection in Phase I clinical trials with the possibility of combining subgroups.
  • BayesPieceIntensity – R program for fitting piecewise hazard models to time to event data when each event leads to some count variable intensity.
  • BayesPieceHazSelect– R program for Bayesian variable selection on covariates in a cox-like hazard with a piecewise exponential baseline hazard.
  • BayesPiecewiseICAR – R program for fitting a piecewise exponential model to survival data.
  • SimSCRPiecewise – R program with two simulation functions, both with piecewise hazards.
  • SCRSELECT – R programs for implementing the SVSS and DIC-Tau_g procedures

About Me:

I will be joining the LSU Health Science Center this fall as an Assistant Professor in Biostatistics. I received my Ph.D. in statistics from Rice university in May 2018. During my time at Rice, I worked with Peter Thall from the M.D.Anderson Cancer Center Biostatistics department.



My particular interests include: Clinical Trials, Bayesian Methods, Survival Analysis, Variable Selection, Categorical Data, Econometrics, and Teaching. I hope to improve on existing clinical trial methodology and use Bayesian methods for economic data to improve policy decisions.


I’m from Baton Rouge, graduated from LSU (Geaux Tigers) and spent four years in the great city of Houston, eating at over 100 different restaurants while there. I’m a huge Saints and Lebron James fan. My girlfriend Whitney and I have two cats – Zeus, totaling 24 pounds and his much smaller brother Beta (\beta). I absolutely love statistics and am grateful to be in such a fantastic and diverse field.