Contributing to Wikipedia: Tips for editing articles

Recently, I had to update a Wikipedia article for TET-1 in a Cancer Biology Class by finding new research articles and summarizing their findings. After learning how to use Wikipedia’s user friendly interface for editing, I’ve contributed little tidbits to several other statistics/math based articles when I come across something that is wrong or missing. Anyways, here is a short tutorial on how to edit wikipedia pages using my favorite comedy of the 90’s: Billy Madison.

  • Wikipedia has a user friendly way to add content, citations and even link to other Wikipedia articles.
  • No need to deal with source coding! Wiki does it for you!
  • Simply log into your account, go to a Wikipedia page and press edit to bring up the user friendly tools.

Here are some pictures to illustrate how to use Wikipedia’s editor effectively:










Extra Tips:

  • Save and Save Often!
  • Sometimes if you wait too long to save, other people might edit the same page and you’ll have to merge them manually
  • You don’t want to do this so save every time you add text/citations
  • Wikipedia will generate automatic citations for pages that have all info. FOR EXAMPLE: Paste the link to the pubmed page for the paper NOT the free pdf they have available.
  • Doing it manually is not too difficult though if needed.


Happy editing!

Note: If you want the PowerPoint associated with this for teaching, shoot me an email and I can send it to you.

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-Andrew G. Chapple



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