My name is Andrew G. Chapple and I am currently a biostatistics Ph.D. candidate at Rice University, while also working with faculty from M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX.

I’ve seen a few statisticians with wordpress accounts and really liked the informality of their posts. Like many of these same statisticians, I think of quite a few things that are not “Journal Worthy” but may generate a good academic discussion-making a wordpress blog ideal for communicating these ideas to the general public. Another reason to be truthful is to make my moments of procrastination productive, it seems rather enjoyable to maintain a blog ¬†related to what I do 24/7 – Statistics. So if I’m totally honest, this blog serves two purposes:

  1. Foster Academic and Social Discussion on Statistics
  2. Shamelessly boost my CV with blog posts

My interests are pretty broad in statistics but I have specific interests in clinical trial design, Bayesian methods, Survival Analysis and computational strategies. I also am an avid sports fan and political/economic observer who realizes the benefits of analytics in these realms, so I may post from time to time on these matters. Mainly though, I will focus on issues that arise in my research with tips and resources that helped me along with discussion of different statistical methods and their ethical implications.



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